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$70,00 Bluefin Tuna     Ice fishing for an huge 55 inch pike
$70,000 bluefin tuna

Fishing News

Would you buy a fish for $70,000? He did(December 6) - Sushi restaurateur Kiyoshi Kimura paid about $70,000 for a 507-pound bluefin tuna in the year's celebratory first auction at Tokyo's Tsukiji market on Sunday, just 5% of what he paid a year earlier despite signs that the species is in decline. Complete Story

                     Which Muskie is the Current World Record?

Muskie madness: two potential world records in two days
- On December 2 on the St. Lawrence River out of New York,Matt Forjohn landed a world record muskie. This fish exceeded the existing length record by two centimeters, and Forjohn adhered to International Game Fish Association rules. An IGFA spokesman even implied that everything seemed to be in order, and said the catch was under world-record consideration. But then came the unexpected twist. According to an IGFA announcement issued Thursday, "a rare thing happened in the world of sportfishing: two different anglers caught potential new all-tackle length record muskies in the same river only two days apart." Complete Story

One Law is Saving Fish Species from Collapse
- We Must Keep it Alive - For the first time in a generation, fish populations are getting healthier science-based management and rebuilding requirements have led to the recovery of 23 fish species since 2000, according to NOAA Fisheries. This list includes popular fish like New England sea scallop, which comprises the second most valuable commercial fishery in the country, and summer flounder, a favorite for recreational anglers and local seafood markets in the Mid-Atlantic.  Complete Story

Arkansas record bass caught illegally 
- Several media outlets in Arkansas are now reporting that the potential state record largemouth bass was caught illegally. It appears Paul Crowder of Forrest City, Ark., had been fishing without a license since April 2011. Not only will the record
return to Aaron Mardis, Crowder could be forced to pay $1,000 and spend 30 days in jail.   Crowder's fish weighed 16 pounds, 5 ounces, while Mardis' weighed 16-4.        

Record size blue catfish caught from Santee Cooper system  - Leland Selph of Cross ran a trotline on Lake Moultrie and caught a blue catfish that tipped the scales at 136 pounds, 6 ounces and 56 inches in length. The fish would have surpassed the current 21-year-old state record of 109 pounds, 4 ounces. Complete Story

Wisconsin Assembly passes crossbow fishing bill - The state Assembly has approved a Republican bill that would let people kill fish with crossbows. Currently, people can use bows and arrows to shoot rough fish, including carp, goldfish, alewife and rainbow smelt. The measure would allow people to use crossbows as well and expands the list of rough fish they could target to include Asian carp. The Assembly passed the bill 95-0 on Thursday. It goes next to the state Senate.


Girls Gone Fishing

SwordFishGirl.jpg (350250)

West Vancouver man lands record fish - A West Vancouver man made headlines last month when he shattered a Haida Gwaii fishing lodge record by hauling in an 84-pound Chinook salmon. Chris Lewis reeled in the monster fish - the same weight, it turns out, as his son's Bernese mountain dog - on an excursion from Queen Charlotte Lodge.Lewis knew he had something big on the line the moment he felt the first tug, he said, but that didn't prepare him for what he saw when it surfaced."It was absolutely massive," said Lewis. "I realized we really had a very large fish." It took half an hour to reel it in, but Lewis said it wasn't his hardest catch ever - although it may have been the most nerveracking. "   Complete Story

Father and Son Kayak Fishing Trip Snags Shark  - A father and son in Texas got quite a ride while fishing in a kayak off the Galveston coast. It's apparently a new fishing challenge in the area, and thanks to their video camera, they can share with the world their catch of a seven-foot shark. Kevin Stevens and his son Hunter snagged the shark less than a mile off the island's west end. "Super scary and crazy," is how Hunter described the ordeal. "Instead of us using all of our energy to try to pull the shark, the shark pulls the kayak. It's called the Texas sleigh ride," said Kevin. For an hour, Hunter let the camera roll while his dad wrestled with the black tip shark, dragging them up and down the beach. "Yeah, I was like seriously stop, I'm done, I don't want to see anymore," says Hunter's mom Christina Stevens. "I mean seriously, I watched Jaws at a very young age "   Complete Story

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