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Alabama Fishing Records


Specie Weight Location Fisherman Date
Alligator Gar 151lbs 5oz Tensaw River Michael Houseknecht 8/13/2004
American Eel 5lbs 8oz Lake Shechi  Tod A. Groover 5/11/1989
Black Crappie 4lbs 5oz Fort Payne Res Shelley Meadows 3/27/2007
Blue Catfish 111lbs 0oz Wheeler Reservoir  William P. McKinley 7/5/1996
Bluegill Sunfish 4lbs 12oz Ketona Lakes  T.S. Hudson 4/9/1950
Bowfin 18lbs 6oz Lake Tuscaloosa Nelson Ray Sansing 7/31/2005
Buffalo 57lbs 0oz Guntersville Reservoir Ralph B. Lowery 4/13/1990
Bullhead 3lbs 13oz private pond  Charles A. Lane 4/8/1984
Carp 35lbs 0oz Bear Creek  Darrin Jackson 4/19/1980
Chain Pickerel 6lbs 5oz Dyas Creek  Michael P. Ryan 6/24/1976
Channel Catfish 40lbs 0oz Inland Lake  Donald R. Cox 6/17/1967
Flathead Catfish 80lbs 0oz Alabama River  Rick Conner 6/22/1986
Freshwater Drum 41lbs 8oz Wilson Reservoir  Wilson Brock 7/24/1949
Grass Carp 70lbs 0oz Martin Lake  Michael White Jr. 4/12/1999
Green Sunfish 1lbs 9oz McLamore Pond Caleb Miller 8/10/2005
Hybrid Bass 25lbs 15oz Sipsey Fork  E.H. Hodges 9/13/1996
Largemouth Bass 16lbs 8oz Mountain View Lake  Thomas Burgin 11/3/1987

Longear Sunfish 0lbs 8oz Yellow River  Jerry Jones 5/12/1990
Longnose Gar 32lbs 14oz Jordan Reservoir  Gary Smyth 4/18/1985
Muskellunge 19lbs 8oz Wilson Dam Tailwater  Steve Leatherwood 12/31/1972
Paddlefish 52lbs 12oz Wilson Reservoir  Susan Holland 3/18/1982
Rainbow Trout 9lbs 1oz Mud Creek Otha Hamm 4/22/2006
Redbreast Sunfish 0lbs 13oz Pea River  Ronnie E. Carnley 6/15/1996
Redear Sunfish 4lbs 4oz Chattahoochee State Park Jeff Lashley 5/5/1962
Redeye Bass 3lbs 2oz Choccolocco Creek  Terry Johnson 3/8/2000
Redfin Pickerel 0lbs 6oz Copeland Creek  Michael Merig 8/31/1997
Rock Bass 1lbs 6oz Paint Rock River  James R. Stewart 5/6/1995
Sauger 5lbs 2oz Wilson Dam Tailwater  William F. Huntley 5/5/1972
Shoal Bass 6lbs 11oz Hallawakee Creek  Darrell Trawick 2/25/1996
Silver Redhorse 14lbs 14oz Wilson Dam Tailwater  Chris Stephenson 4/24/1995
Smallmouth Bass 10lbs 8oz Wheeler Dam Tailwater  Owen F. Smith 10/8/1950
Spotted Bass 8lbs 15oz Lewis Smith Reservoir  Phillip C. Terry 3/18/1978
Spotted Gar 8lbs 12oz Cotaco Creek  Winston Baker 8/26/1987
Striped Bass 55lbs 0oz Tallapoosa River  Charles Totty 1955
Walleye 10lbs 14oz Weiss Reservoir  Julia Hurley 6/24/1980
Warmouth 1lbs 12oz private pond  Jimmy A. Barfield 4/25/1986
White Bass 4lbs 9oz Warrior River  Ben DeMott 2/14/1987
White Catfish 10lbs 5oz N/A Roy T. Britton 4/3/1981
White Crappie 4lbs 9oz Martin Lake  Jeremy S. White 5/8/2000
Yellow Bass 2lbs 8oz Guntersville Reservoir  Dennis M. Woebbeking 4/12/2000
Yellow Perch 1lbs 15oz Wheeler Reservoir  Matthew K. Patterson 2/26/2000

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