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Arizona Fishing Records







Apache Trout 5lbs 15.5oz Hurricane Lake  Lyle Hemphill 6/10/1993
Arctic Grayling 1lbs 9.76oz Lee Valley Lake  Glenn D. Davis III 7/10/1995
Bigmouth Buffalo 36lbs 6oz Roosevelt Lake  Leon Stewart 3/14/1995
Black Buffalo 35lbs 6.72oz Canyon Lake  David Hoenshell 5/24/1995
Black Bullhead 2lbs 6.1oz Parker Canyon Lake  Mikki St. George 9/9/2002
Black Crappie 4lbs 10oz San Carlos Lake  John Shadrick 1959
Blue Catfish 31lbs 0oz Randolph Park Richard Lujan 7/1/1970
Bluegill Sunfish 3lbs 15.68oz Goldwater Lake Christopher Ray Mapes 5/2/2004
Brook Trout 4lbs 15.2oz Sunrise Lake  Marshall Gregg 10/20/1995
Brown Trout 22lbs 14.5oz Reservation Lake  Bryce Sisson 8/6/1999
Carp 37lbs 0oz Bartlett Lake  Jonathan Gardner 8/8/1987
Channel Catfish 32lbs 4oz Parker Canyon Lake  Chuck Berndt 4/24/1987
Cutthroat Trout 6lbs 5oz Luna Lake  Eric J. Walter 10/1/1976

Desert Sucker 2lbs 10.75oz Verde River  Edith Toney 9/20/1992
Flathead Catfish 71lbs 10.24oz San Carlos Lake Adrian Manzanedo 1/5/2003
Grass Carp 47lbs 1.6oz Encanto Lagoon  Kevin A. Baylor Jr. 7/12/2002
Hybrid Sunfish 2lbs 2.22oz Patagonia Lake  Mikey A. Porter 6/5/1998
Largemouth Bass 16lbs 7.68oz Canyon Lake  Randall E. White 4/22/1997
Mullett 5lbs 2.24oz Fortuna Pond  Robert Bayles 4/24/204
Northern Pike 32lbs 5.6oz Ashurst Lake Ronald Needs 11/5/2004
Pacu 5lbs 0.02oz Lake Pleasant  Bartt Frederickson 9/8/1999
Rainbow Trout 12lbs 5.76oz Tempe Town lake  Brandon Childs 12/28/2002
Redear Sunfish 3lbs 9oz Goldwater Lake  Jay Adkins 8/12/1993
Rock Bass 0lbs 10.24oz Verde River Eric Woolsey 10/9/2005
Roundtail Chub 3lbs 14.9oz Lower Salt River  Richard L. Walton 3/3/1984
Smallmouth Bass 7lbs 0.96oz Roosevelt Lake  Dennis K. Barnhall 3/18/1988
Sonora Sucker 1lbs 9oz Canal Park Lake  Jay Nochta 12/1/1996
Striped Bass 28lbs 9.28oz Lake Pleasant John R. Davis 12/7/2009
Tilapia 7lbs 8.8oz Saguaro Lake  Tim A. Schoenecker 3/3/2002
Walleye 16lbs 1.76oz Show Low Lake  Gregg Munck 11/18/2002
White Bass 4lbs 11.7oz Upper Lake Pleasant  David Amburgey 4/1/1972
White Crappie 3lbs 5.28oz Lake Pleasant  Robert Schnell 2/22/1982
Yellow Bass 1lbs 15.8oz Upper Lake Mary  Glenn D. Davis III 5/19/1995
Yellow Bullhead 4lbs 8.1oz Mormon Lake  Patricia Simmon 7/15/1989
Yellow Perch 1lbs 10oz Stoneman Lake  Art Ellico 3/21/1984

Arizona Fishing Rules & Regulations

A valid fishing license is required of any person, except residents or non-residents under the age of fourteen (14) years and blind residents, for taking aquatic wildlife from public waters.

Arizona's fish and wildlife belong to all of us, so when someone takes an over-limit, it's like taking fish off your stringer and putting it on theirs. Bag and possession limits are designed to give everyone an equal chance and protect the fishery. If you see someone breaking the law, call Operation Game Thief toll free (1-800-352-0700) immediately, 24-hours a day.

For more information from the Arizona Fish and Game Click Here

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