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Arkansas Fishing Records - Fresh Water







Alligator Gar 240lbs 0oz White River  John Stortz 7/28/2004
American Eel 4lbs 12oz Arkansas River  Gregg Armstrong 5/26/2002
Bighead Carp 70lbs 8oz Crooked Creek Gregory Mitchell 7/31/2008
Bigmouth Buffalo 50lbs  Lake Conway  Tony Conway 9/10/2007
Black Buffalo 92lbs 8oz Lake Maumelle  Kenny DeLuca 2/26/2001
Black Bullhead 4lbs 12oz Point Remove Creek  Janet Story 4/11/1986
Black Crappie 4lbs 9oz Oladale Lake  Danny Burfield 3/29/1976
Blue Catfish 116lbs 12oz Mississippi River Charles Ashley Jr. 8/3/2001
Bluegill Sunfish 3lbs 4oz N/A Albert Sharp 8/7/1998
Bowfin 17lbs 5oz N/A Doug Smith 2/21/1977
Brook Trout 5lbs 0oz North Fork River  Billy J. Meeks 6/3/2002
Brown Trout 40lbs 4oz Little Red River  Howard Rip Collins 5/2/1992
Carp 53lbs 0oz Hamilton Lake  Lynn Bradley 3/23/1985
Chain Pickerel 7lbs 10oz Little Red River  Ave Vogel 1/6/1979
Channel Catfish 38lbs 0oz Lake Ouachita  Joe Holleman 6/3/1989
Cutthroat Trout 9lbs 9oz White River  Scott Rudolph 10/6/1985

Flathead Catfish 80lbs 0oz Arkansas River  Wesley White 10/28/1989
Flier Sunfish 0lbs 14oz Saline River  Harvey Jones 7/10/1985
Freshwater Drum 45lbs 6oz Lake Wilson Brake Chuck Piker 7/11/2004
Gizzard Shad 2lbs 14oz White River  Charles Jordan 5/9/1992
Grass Carp 65lbs 14oz Horseshoe Lake  Gary Brewer 4/28/1995
Green Sunfish 1lbs 11oz Dierks Pond  Keith McCullough 4/12/1976
Hybrid Bass 27lbs 5oz Greers Ferry Lake  Jerald C. Shaum 4/24/1997
Lake Trout 11lbs 5oz Greers Ferry Lake  Clark Stevenson 12/15/1997
Largemouth Bass 16lbs 4oz Mallard Lake  Aaron Mardis 3/2/1976
Longear Sunfish 1lbs 2oz Table Rock Lake  Carl Bohannan 4/22/1991
Longnose Gar 35lbs 12oz Taylor Old River Lake Tommy Cantrell 6/28/2005
Northern Pike 16lbs 1oz DeGray lake  Dick Cooley 12/27/1973
Ozark Bass 1lbs 8oz Lake Norfork  Jerry Heard 8/2/1982
Pacu 7lbs 1oz Lakewood Lake #1  Gerald H. Kennedy 7/22/1995
Paddlefish 102lbs 8oz Beaver Lake Michael Curran Rogers 3/22/2007
Rainbow Trout 19lbs 1oz White River  Jim Miller 3/14/1981
Redear Sunfish 2lbs 14oz Lake Bois dArc  Glenda Tatom 5/4/1985
Sauger 6lbs 12oz Arkansas River  Claude Eubanks 12/15/1976
Saugeye 6lbs 1oz Crown Lake  Cleveland Henderson 2/5/1993
Shadow Bass 1lbs 12oz Spring River  James E. Baker 7/5/1999
Shovelnose Sturgeon 1lbs 7oz Arkansas River Rickyozment 5/1/2000
Silver Carp 51lbs 5oz Arkansas River  Gregory Mitchell 7/31/2008
Skipjack Herring 2lbs 13oz Ouachita River  Monte Pascoe 4/4/1997
Smallmouth Bass 7lbs 5oz Bull Shoals Lake  Acie Dickerson 4/1/1969
Smallmouth Buffalo 74lbs 0oz Millwood Lake Zane Barrett 4/15/2007
Spotted Bass 7lbs 15oz Bull Shoals Lake  Mike Heilich 3/26/1983
Spotted Gar 6lbs 12oz Mellwood Old River  Vernon Neal 10/3/1995
Striped Bass 64lbs 8oz White River  Jeff Fletcher 4/28/2000
Tiger Muskellunge 23lbs 12oz Spring River  Randy Wyatt 6/27/1995
Tilapia 3lbs 7oz Lake Jewett Sheila Easterly 10/9/2008
Walleye 22lbs 11oz Greers Ferry Lake  Al Nelson 3/12/1982
Warmouth 1lbs 8oz Black Bayou  Michael Curtis 5/28/1998
White Bass 5lbs 4oz Bull Shoals Lake  William Wilson 4/23/1984
White Crappie 4lbs 7oz Big Mingo Creek  Shelby D. Cooper 4/12/1993
Yellow Bass 1lbs 13oz N/A Bill Kennedy 8/29/1989


Arkansas Fishing Regulations

Violation Points

Violation points are assigned to anyone convicted of breaking an AGFC hunting or fishing regulation (boating violations are not considered toward revocation). The accumulation of 18 violation points for violations within three years may result in the revocation of hunting and fishing privileges for one year. The accumulation of 30 points within five years may result in a three-year loss of licenses and privileges.

Access to Commission-owned lands is prohibited if hunting privileges are revoked as a result of violations. Twelve violation points will cause a hunter to be disqualified from all permit hunt drawings.

Double points are assessed: 

  • when an someone 21 or older is convicted of committing a violation while accompanying a youth under 16
  • for violations committed by a Guide License holder
  • for violations committed in a trout catch-andrelease area
  • for bass-related violations on lakes Monticello, Lower White Oak, Columbia, SWEPCO, Pickthorne and Austelle.

A conviction for selling wildlife may result in lifetime revocation of hunting and fishing licenses. Check 01.00J in the official AGFC Code for a full listing of violation points. 

General Regulations

It is illegal to:

  • Refuse an officerís lawful request to see or inspect your wildlife, tackle, weapon or license.
  • Interfere with an officer performing his or her duties.
  • Flee from an officer.
  • Aid, accompany or abet someone else in a violation.
  • Hunt or fish after your license has been revoked or suspended.
  • Import, transport, possess or take endangered species.
  • Transport illegally taken fish or wildlife across state lines.
  • Waste the edible portion of fish or wildlife, with the exception of rough fish (excluding buffalo).
  • Take wildlife for scientific studies without a permit from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Fisheries Division.
  • Use game fish, or parts thereof, for bait or lures, except for 4-inch and smaller bream.
  • Buy or sell game fish unless they were raised by a licensed fish farmer or unless they are bream four inches or shorter. In either case, a fish dealerís license may be required.
  • Litter or fail to extinguish fires on public property.
  • Take bait other than insects, freshwater shrimp, worms and baitfish from public waters and sell or offer to sell it. A fish dealerís license may be required.
  • Release any fish, baitfish or crayfish into public waters without written permission from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, unless releasing said species into waters where they were originally taken.
  • Feed or lure alligators in the wild.
  • Possess fish or wildlife taken by someone else without a signed statement from the taker, stating name, address, species, date taken and license number. This requirement also applies to commercial storage facilities.
    Game Transfer Form PDF 
  • For a guide to give away his or her fish if it will cause the recipient to exceed his or her daily limit.
  • Place or use rebar or any non-woody materials into the substrate of AGFC-owned lakes. 

On AGFC wildlife management areas, lakes and accesses, unless otherwise noted on pages 56-77 of the 2010 Arkansas Fishing Guidebook, you may not legally: 

  • Hunt, trap or possess hunting equipment except when seasons are open.
  • Possess a loaded firearm in a camping area or in fishing or boating access areas, unless you have a concealed weapon permit.
  • Remove anything - other than personal possessions - from Commission-owned land without permission.
  • Camp outside a designated area, camp more than 14 consecutive days (including time when the camp is set up but not occupied), or allow the camp to remain unoccupied for more than 48 hours.
  • Disobey official signs.
  • Damage Commission property.
  • Cut trees.
  • Burn timber, brush or grass.
  • Burn materials containing nails, screws or other metal objects.
  • Leave a fire unattended.
  • Bait wildlife.
  • Post signs.
  • Create a disturbance after 10 p.m.
  • Use or possess alcohol while hunting.
  • Engage in commercial activities without prior Commission approval.
  • Construct, place or occupy a permanent hunting stand, building, shelter or moored houseboat.
  • Use or possess chainsaws, handsaws, hatchets, axes, weed trimmers, string trimmers or other cutting devices. Chemical defoliants are prohibited.
  • Operate any motorized vehicle on any road, trail, levee or dam owned by the Commission, where no maintained road exists, or in a direction of travel contrary to directional signs on a wildlife management area or Commission-owned lake. No all terrain vehicles are allowed unless the driver has a mobility impaired program card.
  • Water ski or use personal watercraft.
  • Create a hazardous wake.
  • Obstruct an access area, parking area, launching ramp or access road.
  • Build a structure on Commission-owned (or controlled) lakes unless it complies with Commission policy. Further information is available from the Fisheries Division office by calling (501) 223-6371.
  • Possess firearms except while legally hunting or carrying a concealed weapon permit. During open hunting seasons, firearms may be transported by boat if unloaded and cased

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