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Colorado Fishing Records






Arctic Char 3lbs 12oz Dillon Reservoir  Marshall Brenner 1994
Arctic Grayling 1lbs 10oz Big Creek Lake  Derik Drinnen 2002
Black Crappie 3lbs 4oz private pond  Clint Couch 1990
Blue Catfish 20lbs 1oz private pond  Joe Poss 1976
Bluegill Sunfish 2lbs 4oz Hollenbeck Reservoir  Nicholas Toczek 1988
Brook Trout 7lbs 10oz Upper Cataract Lake  George Knorr 1947
Brown Trout 30lbs 8oz Roaring Judy Ponds  Alan Schneider 1988
Bullhead 5lbs 1oz private pond  Uldene Kuretich 1993
Carp 35lbs 5oz Glenmere Park Lake  Adam Wickam 2001
Channel Catfish 35lbs 22oz Aurora Reservoir Michael Stone 2009
Chinook (King) Salmon 11lbs 0oz Williams Fork Res Helen Eaton 1989
Cutthroat Trout 16lbs 0oz Twin Lakes  George Hranchak 1964

Freshwater Drum 17lbs 3oz Lonetree Reservoir  Faye Lancamp 1978
Golden Trout 3lbs 12oz Kelly Lake  Donal OLeary 1979
Grass Carp 42lbs 0oz Bear Creek Pond  Leo Marquez 1999
Green Sunfish 1lbs 5oz N/A Joshua Robinson 2001
Hybrid Sunfish 1lbs 8.5oz N/A Jeff Robinson 1986
Kokanee Salmon 6lbs 13oz Spinney Mountain Reservoir  Will Arduino 1986
Lake Trout 46lbs 14.6oz Blue Mesa Reservoir Larry Cornell 2002
Largemouth Bass 11lbs 6oz Echo Canyon Reservoir  Jarrett Edwards 1997
Northern Pike 30lbs 6oz Williams Fork Reservoir  Dave Van Cleave 1996
Rainbow Trout 19lbs 10oz Morrow Point Reservoir Lee Cox 2003
Rock Bass 1lbs 1.25oz Ramah Reservoir  Timothy Fisk 1979
Sacramento Perch 1lbs 14oz Banner Lakes  Dana Wilfong 1974
Sauger 3lbs 1oz CF&I Reservoir #3  Bob Fajt 1980
Saugeye 10lbs 14oz John Martin Reservoir  Rocklyn Beise 2001
Smallmouth Bass 5lbs 12oz Navajo Reservoir  Carl Dewey 1993
Splake 18lbs 15oz Island Lake  Robin Perkins 1976
Spotted Bass 4lbs 7oz Valco Ponds Michael Hardin 2005
Striped Bass 15lbs 11oz CF&I Reservoir #2  Manuel Aguilar 2009
Tench 5lbs 6oz Home Lake  Craig Curtis 1998
Tiger Muskellunge 40lbs 2oz Quincy Reservoir  Jason Potter 1994
Tiger Trout 4lbs 6oz N/A Ben Kraft 2000
Walleye 18lbs 13oz Standley Lake  Scott Regan 1997
White Bass 4lbs 7oz Blue Lake  Pedro Martinez 1963
White Crappie 4lbs 3.75oz Northglenn Lake  Daryel Thompson 1975
Whitefish 5lbs 2oz Roaring Fork River  Richard Sals 1982
Wiper (Whiterock) Bass 26lbs 15oz Pueblo Reservoir Kevin Treanor 2004
Yellow Perch 2lbs 9oz Seaman Reservoir Justin Allbrandt 2007
Yellowtail Rockfish 5lbs 8oz Alder Ck. Alberto Cortez 1991


Colorado Fish and Game Website

Fishing is Fun Program
For more than two decades, the Fishing Is Fun (FIF) Program has proven to be an important and effective cooperative effort to enhance Colorado's fishing resources. This unique program involves local communities in a three-way partnership with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Federal Sport Fish Restoration Act Program. $21 million has been awarded through the Fishing Is Fun program to more than 270 projects in nearly every county in the state. Grants have ranged in size from $1000 to $400,000. Fishing Is Fun projects have helped increase annual angler recreation days in Colorado by an estimated 1,800,000 days.

Fishing Is Fun program funds come from federal excise taxes collected on the purchase of fishing equipment, boats, and motor boat fuels. Those funds are then distributed back to the states for sport fish programs. States determine how those funds will be used on angling programs, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service assures the funds are administered properly. The Division of Wildlife has found that the Fishing Is Fun program is an excellent investment of a portion of the sport fishing dollars.

Eligible applicants compete for financial assistance for angling projects as outlined in the guidelines. For 2009, up to $900,000 is available for angling projects. Applicants must match a Fishing Is Fun award with non-federal cash or in kind services. Fishing Is Fun proposals are assessed along a number of factors, including their contribution to new or improved opportunities for anglers, improved fish habitat, cost-effectiveness, cost-sharing and others. A short presentation before an independent review panel is also part of the process. A final list of projects is based on the panelís recommendations.

Division of Wildlife staff will be pleased to work with you to develop a proposal for your communityís project, and potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their local Division of Wildlife office early in the process. Best of luck on your application.


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