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Connecticut Fishing Records






Albacore Tuna 66lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Michael F. Norton 1992
American Eel 10lbs 3oz Shetucket River  Charles J. Lobacz 1993
Atlantic Bonito 8lbs 10oz Atlantic Ocean Scott Marsie 1999
Atlantic Bonito 8lbs 14oz Atlantic Ocean Jack Balint 1997
Black Sea Bass 7lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Anton Krawetzky 2000
Blackfish 21lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Arthur Dutra 1998
Blue Shark 361lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Robert H. Olsen 1993
Bluefin Tuna 770lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Lester Debetta 1990
Bluefish 24lbs 13oz Atlantic Ocean Charles J. Toth 1979
Bluegill Sunfish 2lbs 4oz private pond  Daniel Gesner 1996
Brook Trout 9lbs 3oz Blackwell Brook  David Andes 1998
Brown Bullhead 3lbs 0oz Shaw Lake  John D. Rathburn 1969
Brown Trout 16lbs 14oz East Twin Lake  Samuel Wright 1986

Calico Bass 4lbs 0oz Pataganset Lake  James M. Boos 1974
Carp 38lbs 8oz Connecticut River  Stephen J. Woronecki 1995
Chain Pickerel 7lbs 14oz Wauregan Pond  Charles Roman 1969
Channel Catfish 29lbs 39oz Mashapaug Lake Appleton Barrows 2004
Cunner 2lbs 12oz Atlantic Ocean Michael Ricitelli 2000
Cunner 3lbs 4oz Atlantic Ocean Wesley E. Sargent 1998
False Albacore 14lbs 12oz Atlantic Ocean Robert Bernier 2000
Gray Triggerfish 3lbs 5oz Atlantic Ocean Robert Treadwell 2000
Hickory Shad 2lbs 0oz Connecticut River  Carl Ponzillo 2000
Kokanee Salmon 2lbs 12oz Highland Pond  David Randolph 1976
Ladyfish 2lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Arnie Costello 1995
Lake Trout 29lbs 13oz Wononskopomuc Lake  Dr. Thompson 1918
Largemouth Bass 12lbs 14oz Mashapaug Pond  Frank Domurat 1961
Mako Shark 650lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Gregory J. Erisoty 1987
Northern Pike 29lbs 0oz Lake Lillinonah  Joseph Nett 1980
Oyster Toadfish 1lbs 14oz Atlantic Ocean Ron Parzyck 1999
Pollock 34lbs 12oz Atlantic Ocean Joe DeCosta 2000
Pumpkinseed Sunfish 1lbs 3oz Lake Marie  Robyn Rogers 1973
Rainbow Trout 14lbs 10oz Mansfield Hollow Lake  Michael V. Ludlow 1998
Rock Bass 1lbs 3oz Colebrook Reservoir  Ernie Gonsalves 1989
Sandbar (brown) Shark 118lbs 7oz Connecticut River Bruce Kelly 1995
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark 235lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Richard Bonaccorsi 1992
Scup 3lbs 14oz Atlantic Ocean Jay Setaro 1992
Scup 3lbs 6oz Atlantic Ocean Karl O. Noyes 1985
Shad 9lbs 4oz Connecticut River  Edward Cyprus 1981
Sheepshead 10lbs 11oz Atlantic Ocean Clyde Turner 1998
Smallmouth Bass 7lbs 12oz Shenipsit Lake  Joseph Mankauskas Jr. 1980
Striped Bass 75lbs 6oz Atlantic Ocean Steven Franco 1992
Summer Flounder 14lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Stanley Kulas 1989
Summer Flounder 14lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Michael W. Adams Sr. 1989
Thresher Shark 450lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Rich Howe 1995
Tiger Trout 5lbs 12oz Pootatuck River  William F. Shaw 1988
Wahoo 75lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Keith Dengenis 2000
Walleye 14lbs 8oz Candlewood Lake  George Britto 1941
Weakfish 17lbs 14oz Atlantic Ocean - Fayerweather Island June Andrejko 1986
White Catfish 12lbs 12oz Connecticut River  John L. Shatas 1999
White Marlin 108lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Frederick Iasiello 1988
White Perch 2lbs 15oz Candlewood Lake  Don Loftus Jr. 1996
Winter Flounder 4lbs 1oz Atlantic Ocean Spiros Barberis 1989
Winter Skate 17lbs 6oz Atlantic Ocean William F. Zanks 1995
Yellow Perch 2lbs 13oz Black Pond  Miller B. Bassett 1973
Yellowfin Tuna 210lbs 7oz Atlantic Ocean - Block Canyon Charles J. Lobacz 1991


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Connecticut Fishing 
Fishing is great family fun and a healthy outdoor activity enjoyed by young and old alike. The DEP stocks many lakes and streams with a wide variety of fish species throughout the year. Some of the other programs developed by DEP to enhance fishing opportunities include fishing education for children and families, the creation of special fishing areas such as Trout Parks, and an aggressive program to allow passage of fish from our ocean waters to the northern stretches of many of the state’s larger streams. Opportunities for tremendous saltwater fishing action abound at many different coastal access points along Long Island Sound. As a result, Connecticut offers some of the best and most diverse fishing possibilities in the country.

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