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Home > Eskimo Gets Eaten by Killer Whale

Eskimo Gets Eaten by Killer Whale

Eskimo Gets Eaten by Killer Whale

Ice Fishing In Alaska by Anchorage Daily News
No need to stay inside during the long winter months dreaming about open water and summer fun. Be adventurous, bundle up, get outside and try fishing in a whole new way - through the ice!

Ice fishing has recently come into its own as a winter sport or recreation activity, and a great incentive for the entire family to get outdoors and really enjoy winter. There are plenty of excellent ice fishing opportunities within Anchorage, and just beyond.

The ice is usually thick enough on Southcentral Alaska lakes by mid-November or early December to safely support an angler's weight (6 inches of clear ice for foot traffic). Always play it safe, though. If you are unsure of the ice thickness, punch a hole near shore and measure before venturing farther on lake ice.

Many of the same kind of fish caught during the summer can also be caught during winter. The Anchorage area alone contains 29 stocked lakes, for a total of more than 180 Southcentral Alaska lakes stocked by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). About a dozen Anchorage area lakes are stocked with catchable-sized chinook salmon in time for winter ice fishing, and many lakes still have good populations of rainbows, grayling, Arctic Char and lake trout left from summer stocking.

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