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Florida Fresh Water Fishing Records






Alligator Gar 123lbs 0oz Choctawhatchee River  Zachary Phillips 7/8/1995
Black Crappie 3lbs 13oz Lake Talquin  Ben Curry Sr. 1/21/1992
Blue Catfish 64lbs .5oz Choctawhatchee River Vincent Walston 8/4/2008
Bluegill Sunfish 2lbs 15oz Crystal Lake  John LeMaster 4/19/1989
Bowfin 19lbs 0oz Lake Kissimmee  Jim Brown 11/5/1984
Brown Bullhead 5lbs 11oz Little Cedar Creek  Robert Bengis 3/28/1995
Butterfly Peacock Bass 9lbs 1oz Kendall Lake  Jerry Gomez 3/11/1993
Chain Pickerel 5lbs 12oz Lake Talquin Jep Dove 6/11/2004
Channel Catfish 44lbs 8oz Big Bluff Lake  Joe Purvis 5/19/1985
Flathead Catfish 44lbs 9oz Apalachicola River Tommy Fowler 4/10/2004

Flier Sunfish 1lbs 4oz Iamonia Lake  William Lane Jr. 8/14/1992
Florida Gar 7lbs 0oz Oklawaha  Greg Rozycki 6/28/1988
Largemouth Bass 17lbs 4oz unknown  Billy OBerry 7/6/1986
Longnose Gar 41lbs 0oz Lake Panasoffkee  Evan Merritt 4/14/1985
Oscar 2lbs 5oz Lake Okeechobee  Jimmy Cook 3/16/1994
Redbreast Sunfish 2lbs 1oz Suwannee River  Jerrel Dewees Jr. 4/2/1988
Redear Sunfish 4lbs 14oz Merritt Pond  Joseph Floyd 3/13/1986
Redeye Bass 7lbs 13oz Apalachicola River  William Johnston 2/18/1989
Redfin Pickerel 1lbs 1oz New River  Mike Wilkerson 1/6/1993
Shad 5lbs 3oz Saint Johns River  Bud Dankert 2/15/1990
Spotted Bass 3lbs 12oz Apalachicola River  Dow Gilmore 6/24/1985
Spotted Sunfish 0lbs 13oz Suwannee River  Coy Dotson 5/12/1984
Striped Bass 42lbs 4oz Apalachicola River  Alphonso Barnes 12/14/1993
Sunshine Bass 16lbs 5oz Lake Seminole  Thomas Elder 5/9/1985
Warmouth 2lbs 7oz Yellow River  Tony Dempsey 10/1/1985
White Bass 4lbs 14oz Apalachicola River  Richard Davis 4/9/1982
White Catfish 18lbs 14oz Withlacoochee River  Jim Miller 9/21/1991


Florida Fish and Game Website

Florida Freshwater Fishing Links

Fish Identification -- Learn how to identify freshwater fish found in Florida. You'll find a list of Florida freshwater fish (with photos), and info on non-native, threatened and prohibited species.

Fishing Sites and Forecasts -- describes many premier fishing areas in Florida, by region, species, or alpha-order, with quarterly fishing forecasts and interactive maps.

Fishing Calendar -- Provides information on summer fishing camps, free fishing weekend events, freshwater fishing clinics, Commission meetings, public meetings on freshwater regulations and other events of interest to freshwater anglers and conservationists.

Fishing Tips -- beginning and intermediate tips on fishing for some of Florida's premier freshwater fish as information on how to measure fish, how to tie fishing knots, and fishing seasons.

Fishing Piers -- information about all of the freshwater fishing piers. You can access them from a map or county list and get detailed routing directions.

"Big Catch" Angler Recognition Program --  information on our free angler recognition program for your next "Big Catch".

Ladies, Letís Go Fishing --  gives women an opportunity to fish with other women while they learn fishing skills - casting, tying knots and rigging baits - as well as conservation ethics.

Diving -- Most of Florida's choicest locations for snorkeling, diving or observing fish are associated with springs and state parks. We encourage you to visit the springs, trails and parks websites from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Pond Management - Ponds, if properly managed can provide wonderful, fishing, birding and wildlife viewing opportunities.  However, the management of the ponds should take into account important conservation principles to prevent doing more harm than good.

Federal Aid in Sportfish Restoration and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation - Every angler should know that not only their license money but excise taxes paid through Federal Aid in Sportfish Restoration on tackle and motor boat fuels fund conservation in Florida and keep us the Fishing Capital of the World.


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