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Georgia Fishing Records






Black Crappie 4lbs 4oz Acrees Lake  Shirley Lavender 6/1/1971
Black Crappie 4lbs 4oz Lake Spivey  Steve Cheek 3/1/1975
Blue Catfish 75lbs 0oz Private Lake Tyler Dodson 12/24/2008
Bluegill Sunfish 3lbs 5oz Shamrock Lake  P. F. Gumm 7/3/1977
Bowfin 16lbs 0oz Foster State Park Charles Conley 5/25/1976
Brook Trout 5lbs 10oz Waters Creek  Russell Braden 3/29/1986
Brown Bullhead 5lbs 8oz private pond  James Andrews 5/22/1978
Brown Trout 18lbs 6oz Chattahoochee River  Charles E. Ford 11/12/2001
Carp 35lbs 12oz Lake Jackson  Donald Clark 1972
Chain Pickerel 9lbs 6oz Homerville Baxley McQuaig Jr. 2/1/1961
Channel Catfish 44lbs 12oz Altamaha River  Bobby Smithwick 5/18/1972

Flathead Catfish 67lbs 8oz Altamaha River  Gene Middleton 5/24/2000
Flier Sunfish 1lbs 4oz private pond  Curt Brooks 2/26/1996
Green Sunfish 1lbs 1oz private pond  Kevin Bryant 5/17/1998
Hickory Shad 1lbs 15oz Ogeechee River  Mark Bowers 4/2/1995
Hybrid Bass 25lbs 8oz Lake Chatuge  David Hobby 5/1/1995
Largemouth Bass 22lbs 4oz Montgomery Lake  George Perry 6/2/1932
Longnose Gar 28lbs 6oz Flint River  Richard Johnson 1/28/1995
Muskellunge 38lbs 2oz Blue Ridge Lake  Rube Golden 6/1/1957
Northern Pike 18lbs 2oz Lake Rabun  Keith Gragg 6/27/1982
Rainbow Trout 17lbs 8oz Soque River Mark Cochran 5/7/2004
Redbreast Sunfish 1lbs 11oz private pond  Emory Walden 4/16/1998
Redear Sunfish 4lbs 2oz private pond  Pat Larence 6/6/1995
Redeye Bass 3lbs 7oz Lake Hartwell Steve Williams 4/17/2004
Redfin Pickerel 2lbs 10oz Lewis Pond  Gene Brantley 7/7/1982
Sauger 4lbs 3oz Clarks Hill Reservoir  Stuart Bowers 4/5/1986
Shad 8lbs 3oz Savannah River  Henry Baxley 4/5/1986
Shoal Bass 8lbs 3oz Flint River  David Hubbard 10/23/1977
Smallmouth Bass 7lbs 2oz Lake Chatuge  Jack Hall 3/28/1973
Spotted Bass 8lbs 2oz Lake Burton Wayne Holland 2/23/2005
Striped Bass 63lbs 0oz Oconee River  Kelly Ward 5/30/1967
Suwanee Bass 3lbs 9oz Ochlocknee River  Laverne Norton 10/6/1984
Walleye 11lbs 6oz Richard B. Russell Lake  Neal Watson 9/11/1995
Warmouth 2lbs 0oz private pond  Carlton Robbins 5/4/1974
White Bass 5lbs 1oz Lanier Lake  J. M. Hobbins 6/16/1971
White Catfish 8lbs 10oz Savannah River  James Sanders 6/10/1996
White Crappie 5lbs 0oz private pond  Theresa Kemp 4/10/1984
Yellow Perch 2lbs 8oz Lake Burton  Charles Poole 2/23/1980


Georgia Fish and Game Website

Georgia Sport Fishing Regulations

This guide contains information you need to know to fish in freshwater and saltwater in Georgia. Please consult fishing regulations carefully before you go fishing since regulations may vary on different bodies of water.
To view a digital version of the 2010 Fishing Regulations
click here.

Some saltwater fishing regulations have been impacted by legislative changes that occurred after the time of printing.  Details of these changes can be found on the
Coastal Resources Division website or by call the DNR Coastal Resource Division @  (912) 264-7218.

Download or view the 2010 guide

A Guide for Freshwater and Trout Fishing Regulations.

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