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Hawaii Fishing Records






African Pompano 48lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Laie Point - Oahu Eric Imasaka 1979
Albacore Tuna 73lbs 8oz Pacific Ocean - Kona Coast Austin Hicks 9/28/2001
Amberjack 121lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Punaluu - Hawaii Stanley Iwashita 12/30/1990
Bigeye Trevally 15lbs 8.8oz Pacific Ocean - Waianae - Oahu Darryl R. Bailey 3/6/1992
Bigeye Tuna 228lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Kona Nicci Gehweiler 11/20/1996
Black Marlin 1205lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Red Hill - Hawaii Lei Aloha 7/19/1980
Blacktail Snapper 4lbs 2oz Pacific Ocean - Hamakua - Hawaii James Juan 7/1/1996
Blue Marlin 1805lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Waianae - Oahu Gail Choy-Kaleiki 6/10/1970
Blue-lined Snapper 1lbs 14.56oz Pacific Ocean - Kaneohe - Oahu Roger Tyau 12/29/1998
Bluefin Trevally 22lbs 14.08oz Pacific Ocean - Waianae - Oahu Malcolm K. Ahlo Jr. 3/23/2001
Bluegill Sunfish 0lbs 8oz Lake Wilson  June Rae Maeda 6/9/2000
Bonefish 18lbs 2oz Pacific Ocean - Hawaii William Badua 1954
Brown Triggerfish 7lbs 5.2oz Pacific Ocean - Nanakuli - Oahu Trent Cypriano 2/25/1997
Butterfly Peacock Bass 9lbs 4.2oz near Lihue Barry Brun 11/5/1990

Channel Catfish 43lbs 13oz Lake Wilson  Dayton Miyamura 3/24/1974
Conger Eel 27lbs 1oz Pacific Ocean - Pauwela Point - Maui Joseph Carvalho Sr. 8/26/2001
Dorado 82lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Kailua-Kona - Hawaii Kathy Hunter 9/24/1987
Frigate Mackerel 3lbs 11.52oz Pacific Ocean - Maili Point - Oahu Edward Narimasu 8/26/2000
Giant Seabass 563lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Maui Russell Mori 2/27/1989
Giant Trevally 191lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Lahaina - Maui Al Gadow 1/14/1980
Golden Trevally 17lbs 12oz Pacific Ocean - Kaneohe - Oahu Tyler Nishioka 6/23/2000
Grass Carp 13lbs 4.5oz Waita Reservoir  Darrell K. Ariola 1/16/1996
Gray Snapper 37lbs 7oz Pacific Ocean - Penguin Banks Richard Oliver 2/11/1999
Great Barracuda 77lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Olowalu - Maui Dean Hayashi 3/22/1992
Green Jack 6lbs 13.28oz Pacific Ocean - Pearl Harbor Bob Takeuchi 2/5/2002
Highfin Chub 5lbs 12oz Pacific Ocean - Kapoho Kyle Saplan 6/20/2001
Hogfish 6lbs 5oz Pacific Ocean - Keahole Pt. - Hawaii Kip Harworth 1996
Island Jack 17lbs 3oz Pacific Ocean - South Maui Brandon Ueki 10/5/2001
Ladyfish 22lbs 3oz Pacific Ocean - Pearl Harbor - Oahu Darryl Nakasone 10/26/1985
Largemouth Bass 9lbs 9.4oz Waita Reservoir  Dickie Broyles 1/26/1992
Mako Shark 1207lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Kona - Hawaii Jodie Daniels 3/2/1990
Many Whiskered Brotulid 3lbs 6oz Pacific Ocean - Penguin Bank Michael Matsunaga 2/11/2001
Moray Eel 150lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Kaiwi Point - Hawaii Kimo Lopes 6/29/1994
Mullett 5lbs 4oz Kane'ohe, O'ahu Junior Alimoot 11/15/2005
Octopus 19lbs 0.16oz Pacific Ocean - Kaena Point - Oahu Stewart Matsunaga 10/6/2000
Oscar 2lbs 6oz Lake Wilson  Hugh Okuma 8/27/1976
Paddletail Snapper 7lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Hamakua Coast - Hawaii John Camero 11/24/1989
Pink Snapper 14lbs 12.8oz Pacific Ocean - Kahalui - Maui Norman Tan 2/7/1998
Porcupinefish 13lbs 2oz Pacific Ocean - Hamakua Coast Eddie Carvalho Jr. 12/9/2002
Rainbow Runner 30lbs 15oz Pacific Ocean - Hawaii Hobie Goodale 1963
Rainbow Trout 5lbs 10.56oz Kawaikoi Stream  Mark I. Sueyasu 8/7/1991
Red Snapper 11lbs 6oz Ka'ena Pt., O'ahu Michael Matsunaga 5/3/2005
Sailfish 119lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Kailua-Kona - Hawaii Ed Sceery 6/10/1983
Silverjaw Snapper 32lbs 7oz Pacific Ocean - Kapaa - Kauai Patrick Henriques 12/29/1996
Skipjack Tuna 40lbs 8oz Pacific Ocean - Haleiwa David Borgman 7/2/2000
Smallmouth Bass 4lbs 2.24oz Manoa Stream  Brian Suyeoka 3/25/1997
Snake Mackerel 3lbs 9oz Pacific Ocean - Milolii Hal Takayama 1/28/2001
Spearfish 74lbs 6oz Pacific Ocean - Kona - Hawaii Libby Lake 1/17/2004
Striped Bonito 10lbs 9.76oz Pacific Ocean - Kona - Hawaii Noriyuki Matsushita 2/7/1999
Striped Marlin 211lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Red Hill - Hawaii Roger L. Paul 1/18/1996
Swordfish 365lbs 8oz Pacific Ocean - Kona - Hawaii Bill Graham 6/13/1999
Thresher Shark 952lbs 0oz Kona John Patterson / Bill Rhee 3/30/2007
Tilapia 2lbs 7.04oz Wailoa Pond  Justin Matsu 8/15/1999
Wahoo 133lbs 3.2oz Pacific Ocean - Pohoiki - Hawaii Tom Brandt 12/2/2000
Wavyback Skipjack 25lbs 6oz Pacific Ocean - Kapaa - Kauai Jason S. Nagahisa 4/21/1998
Yellow-barred Snapper 3lbs 6oz Pacific Ocean - Kona Capt. John Llanes Jr. 1/9/2003
Yellowfin Tuna 325lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean - Lanai Joey Cabell 7/13/1990


Hawaii Fish and Game Website

FAQ - Hawaii Fishing

Fishing - Common Questions

Do I need to get a license or permit to fish in the ocean?

There is no marine recreational fishing license in Hawaii for either residents or visitors, so you don't need to worry about that as long as you don't sell your catch. There are a few locations where shoreline fishing is prohibited, and you can see all the
fishing regulations here.

Where can I fish in Hawaii?

We cannot recommend specific places to fish. Most shoreline areas in Hawaii are open to fishing, unless prohibited or restricted and indicated by signs. There should be prominent signs posted at key public access points to the shore where fishing is restricted. While the Hawaii Fishing Regulations booklet is a good reference, it does not list all areas where fishing is restricted. For example, military bases, wildlife refuges, natural area reserves, harbors, and other areas may not be listed in the HFR, but fishing may still be restricted. In addition, freshwater streams (fishing not available on all islands) do not usually have signs, but access is restricted by private property rights. It's best to fish in publicly-accessible areas, just to be certain.

If I catch an undersized or out-of-season fish and it dies before I can release it, can I keep it?

No, it is unlawful to take or possess undersized or out-of-season fish. We recommend that you release it, even though it's dead. While releasing a dead fish might seem wasteful, it is unlawful to possess such fish, and it will be recycled in the ocean. Allowing persons to keep undersized or out-of-season fish because it was dead would make the law unenforceable.

What do I do if I catch (or see) something that I do not recognize?

If you cannot identify the aquatic life you intend to take, then we recommend you not take it. It is better to be safe and not take something legal, than to take something illegal and risk being cited.

Can I snag fish in Hawaii?

Snagging is generally not prohibited. However, snagging is prohibited in certain MLCDs, FMAs, PFAs, and other managed areas. Fishers are advised that they are personally responsible for injuries to other fishers caused by their hooks, regardless of fishing method.

Can I take reef fish I collect myself back home with me for my aquarium?

Yes, persons may take reef fish, provided the fish meet minimum size, season, and other legal requirements. You should check with the appropriate agency in your home state for any restrictions on the kinds of animals they will allow to be imported. Many states have alien species concerns, which may include microscopic organisms, pathogens, or parasites in the water or on the fish. You should also check with your airline to find out their requirements and recommendations for shipping live fish.

Do I need a permit to collect reef fish for my home aquarium?

It depends on the mesh size of the gear you are using to capture the fish. Small mesh means less than two inches mesh. A permit is not required if a) the net has large mesh (more than two inches mesh); b) the net has small mesh but is less than three feet in length, height, or width, including the handle; or c) using a slurp gun. An aquarium permit is required if you are using a small mesh net other than a hand net, or a small mesh hand net larger than the dimensions indicated above. Small mesh throw nets are always prohibited. Even with an aquarium permit, regulations such as minimum size, season, bag limits, etc., still apply. The aquarium permit only exempts you from the small mesh restriction.

How do I register a boat?

To register a vessel, you must contact the
Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation. They have offices at most major harbor facilities.

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