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Idaho Fishing Records






Arctic Grayling 2lbs 7oz Nez Perce Lake  Velma Mahaffey 1992
Atlantic Salmon 13lbs 6oz Deadwood Reservoir  Garrett Buffington 10/15/1995
Black Crappie 3lbs 8.96oz Brownlee Reservoir Jason Monson 6/8/2003
Bluegill Sunfish 3lbs 8oz C.J. Strike Reservoir  Darrell Grim 1966
Brook Trout 7lbs 1oz Henrys Lake  DeVere Stratton 8/16/1978
Brown Trout 27lbs 5oz Ashton Reservoir Wes Case 11/6/2007
Bullhead 3lbs 14oz Brownlee Reservoir  James Winter 1986
Burbot 14lbs 0oz Kootenai River  P.A. Dayton 1954

Carp 41lbs 14.4oz Snake River Rob James 5/25/2008
Channel Catfish 31lbs 0.8oz Mann Lake  Kenny Decker 2001
Chinook (King) Salmon 54lbs 0oz Salmon River  Merrold Gold 1956
Chinook (King) Salmon 42lbs 0oz Coeur dAlene Lake  Jane Clifford 9/13/1987
Coho Salmon 5lbs 8oz Cascade Reservoir  Verne S. Ward 1992
Cutthroat Trout 18lbs 15oz Bear Lake  Roger Grunig 1970
Dolly Varden Trout 32lbs  Lake Pend Oreille  Nelson Higgins 1949
Flathead Catfish 58lbs 8oz Brownlee Reservoir  Newberry / McCormick 1994
Golden Trout 5lbs 2oz White Sands Lake  George Wolverton 1958
Green Sunfish 0lbs 5oz Hauser Lake  Tom Fulton 1994
Kamloops Trout 37lbs  Lake Pend Oreille  Wes Hamlet 1947
Kokanee Salmon 6lbs 9.5oz Priest Lake  Jerry Verge 1975
Lake Trout 57lbs 8oz Priest Lake  Lyle McClure 1971
Lake Whitefish 3lbs 5oz Lake Pend Oreille  David Fowler 1998
Largemouth Bass 10lbs 15oz Anderson Lake  Mrs. M.W. Taylor 0
Largescale Sucker 6lbs 3.8oz Cascade Reservoir  Jesse Brown 1999
Mountain Whitefish 5lbs 14.4oz Island Park Reservoir  Robert Hall 1997
Northern Pike 39lbs 13oz Coeur d' Alene Lake Bob Ringer 4/17/2007
Pikeminnow 7lbs 1.4oz North Fork Payette River  Bob Chegwidden 1996
Pumpkinseed Sunfish 0lbs 14oz Chase Lake  Bob Russell 1977
Rainbow Trout 19lbs 0oz Hayden Lake  R.M. Williams 1947
Smallmouth Bass 9lbs 11.5oz Dworshak Reservoir  Dan Steigers 10/28/2006
Sockeye Salmon 5lbs 0oz Redfish Lake  June McCray 1970
Splake 4lbs 8oz Hayden Lake  Kevin Collins 1996
Steelhead Trout 30lbs 2oz Clearwater River  Keith Powell 1973
Sturgeon 394lbs 0oz Snake River  Glenn Howard 1956
Tench 4lbs 14oz Spokane River  Scotty Brueher 2000
Tiger Muskellunge 38lbs 7oz Hauser Lake  Douglas Butts 2001
Utah Sucker 7lbs 11oz Portneuf River  Craig Curtiss 1999
Walleye 17lbs 12oz Goose Creek Reservoir Michael Chupa 10/10/2009
Warmouth 0lbs 9.6oz Snake River  Marvin Stevens 1988
White Crappie 3lbs 8.8oz Crane Creek Reservoir Cliff Watts 7/9/2007
Yellow Perch 2lbs 9.6oz Wilson Lake  Jerry Hamblin 1976


Idaho Fish and Game Website

Fishing in Idaho
Idaho is famous for its fishing. More than 10 world-class blue-ribbon wild trout streams, including the Henrys Fork, Silver Creek and the St. Joe River, are scattered throughout the state. Many other high-quality trout streams exist that donít get the headlines and the crowds. Idahoís rugged mountains contain more than 1,500 high mountain lakes with good trout fishing. Numerous large natural lakes and reservoirs provide a wide variety of fishing opportunities for warm and cold-water species. In contrast to some states, most Idaho fishing waters are located in the public domain, and are open to the public. Access is free.

Family Fishing Waters
In response to anglersí requests for more family-oriented fishing opportunities and simplified rules, Fish and Game has developed Family Fishing Water regulations. In these areas there are year-around seasons, a general six-fish limit for trout, bass, walleye and pike and no bag limit on other species. There are no length limits or tackle requirements.

Salmon and Steelhead
Idaho is the only inland western state with ocean-run salmon and steelhead, and when conditions are right, the hatchery part of these runs provide an exciting fishing experience. State records are 54 pounds for salmon and 30 pounds, 2 ounces for steelhead.

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