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Illinois Fishing Records






Atlantic Salmon 18lbs 11.25oz Lake Michigan  Robert Lueckhoff 5/26/1979
Bighead Carp 43lbs 3oz Lyerla Lake  Larry Hileman 5/25/1995
Black Buffalo 23lbs 12oz Rock River  Ron Smith 7/27/1984
Black Bullhead 5lbs 6oz strip mine lake  Justin White 4/24/1988
Black Crappie 4lbs 8oz Rend Lake  John Hampton 5/15/1976
Blue Catfish 124lbs 4oz Mississippi River  Tim Pruitt 5/21/2005
Bluegill Sunfish 3lbs 8oz private pond  Darren May 5/10/1987
Bowfin 16lbs 6oz Rend Lake  Charles R. Keller 9/23/1984
Brook Trout 7lbs 5oz Lake Michigan  Daniel Frazier 11/3/1998
Brown Bullhead 1lbs 10oz Weldon Springs  Shane Richardson 4/25/1993
Brown Trout 36lbs 11.5oz Lake Michigan  Deva Vranek 6/22/1997
Buffalo 48lbs 0oz Mississippi River  C.B. Merritt 1936

Carp 51lbs 0oz Lake Hillcrest  Steve K. Davis 5/1/1994
Channel Catfish 45lbs 4oz Baldwin Lake  Todd Baumeyer 2/7/1987
Chinook (King) Salmon 37lbs 0oz Lake Michigan  Marge Landeen 8/7/1976
Coho Salmon 20lbs 9oz Lake Michigan  Carry VandeVusse 5/24/1972
Flathead Catfish 78lbs 0oz Carlyle Lake  Jody Harris 8/11/1995
Freshwater Drum 35lbs 0oz DuQuoin City Lake  Joe Rinella 1960
Goldeye 2lbs 1oz Embarras River  Steven D. Unzicker 7/26/1998
Grass Carp 66lbs 8oz Lake Petersburg  Mark S. Metzger 7/8/1998
Green Sunfish 2lbs 1oz private pond  John Stein 6/28/1981
Hybrid Bass 20lbs 0.32oz Lake of Egypt  David B. Gjelsvik 6/20/1993
Hybrid Sunfish 2lbs 4.48oz private pond  Georgia M. Holland 6/16/1990
Lake Trout 38lbs 4oz Lake Michigan  Theodore W. Rullman 8/22/1999
Largemouth Bass 13lbs 1oz Stone Quarry Lake  Edward J. Walbel 22/15/1976
Muskellunge 37lbs 13oz Shabbona Lake  Chris Kim 4/1/1997
Northern Pike 26lbs 15oz strip mine lake  Walter Klenzak 11/9/1989
Pink (Humpback) Salmon 3lbs 4oz Lake Michigan  Neil J. Duba 7/5/1992
Rainbow Trout 31lbs 6.72oz Lake Michigan  Kyle C. Johnson 7/10/1993
Redear Sunfish 2lbs 12.3oz Marion CC Lake  Mike DeMattei 9/7/1985
Rock Bass 1lbs 10oz Aux Sable Creek  George Nielson 5/5/1987
Sauger 5lbs 12.5oz Mississippi River  Bill Rolando 7/30/1967
Saugeye 8lbs 7.68oz Mississippi River  Thomas Drovesky 11/21/1998
Shortnose Gar 5lbs 1oz Vermilion River  William Meyer 7/20/1999
Shovelnose Sturgeon 5lbs 2.56oz Rock River  Allen Trout Jr. 5/30/1988
Smallmouth Bass 6lbs 7oz strip mine lake  Mark Samp 3/26/1985
Spotted Bass 7lbs 3.12oz strip mine lake  Richard Leonard 3/15/1992
Spotted Gar 7lbs 13.4oz Horseshoe Lake Danny Peters 7/10/2004
Striped Bass 31lbs 7oz Sangchris Lake  Eric Shivers 5/23/1994
Tiger Muskellunge 26lbs 9oz private pond  Joseph Veronda 5/4/1999
Tiger Trout 8lbs 12.5oz Lake Michigan  Robert W. Zimmy 6/26/1977
Walleye 14lbs 0oz Kankakee River  Fred Goselin 1961
Warmouth 1lbs 13oz private pond  Wesley Mills 5/22/1971
White Bass 4lbs 14oz Kaskaskia River  Bruce Wilson 10/7/1981
White Crappie 4lbs 7oz private pond  Kevin Dennis 4/8/1973
Yellow Bass 2lbs 0oz private pond  Jimmy Kostoff Jr. 5/5/1994
Yellow Bullhead 5lbs 4oz Fox River  Bill Snow 1955
Yellow Perch 2lbs 8.75oz Arrowhead Club Lake  Joseph Grega 1/5/1974


Illinois Fish and Game Website

Trout Fishing in Illinois

“The first Saturday in April is always a big day for families to go fishing in Illinois thanks to the opener of the spring trout season,” Miller said. “Getting children outdoors to experience the fun of fishing is one of the many benefits of our catchable trout program. Anglers of all ages can join in the fun as we stock trout at 43 locations throughout the state.”
The IDNR stocks more than 60,000 rainbow trout each spring in bodies of water where trout fishing is permitted during the spring season. The Illinois catchable trout program is made possible through the sale of inland trout stamps to those anglers who participate.
Inland trout stamps are available for $6.50 each at DNR Direct license and permit vendors, IDNR offices in Springfield, Chicago, Sterling, Bartlett, Clinton, Alton, and Benton. They may also be purchased with a credit card through the IDNR web site at http://dnr.state.il.us or by phone at 1-888-6PERMIT (1-888-673-7648).
To legally participate in the trout fishing program, anglers must have a valid Illinois fishing license and an inland trout stamp. The annual fishing licenses for the 2009 season is valid through March 31, 2010. Anglers may also purchase a 24-hour Illinois fishing license, which includes trout fishing privileges for the 24-hour period the license is valid. A license is required for fishing in Illinois unless the angler is otherwise exempt (under age 16, blind or disabled, or is an Illinois resident on active military service who is home on leave).
Anglers may not take trout from any of the stocked sites from March 15 to the opening of the season on April 4 at 5 a.m. Anyone attempting to take trout before the legal opening will be issued citations. During the spring trout season, the daily possession limit for trout is five fish.
Anglers are reminded to check in advance for any site-specific regulations and the opening time of their favorite trout fishing location. While the statewide spring trout season opens at 5 a.m. on April 4, some locations may have a later opening time.
For more information about the trout stocking program check the web site at www.ifishillinois.org.

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