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Iowa Fishing Recordss






Blue Catfish 74lbs 8oz Missouri River  Pat Lutz 8/1999
Bluegill Sunfish 3lbs 2oz private pond  Phil Algreen 7/1986
Bowfin 11lbs 9oz Mississippi River  Bill Gretten 5/1994
Brook Trout 7lbs 0oz Fountain Springs Creek  David Kovarik 7/1996
Brown Trout 15lbs 6oz North Prairie Lake  Gerold Lewis 6/1995
Buffalo 64lbs 6oz Lake Manawa Lake Manawa 4/2007
Bullhead 5lbs 8oz private pond  Michael Hurd 1989
Carp 50lbs 0oz Glenwood Lake  Fred Hougland 5/1969
Channel Catfish 38lbs 2oz Missouri River Dustin Curtis 6/2005
Crappie 4lbs 9oz Green Castle Lake  Ted Trowbridge 5/1981

Flathead Catfish 81lbs 0oz Lake Ellis  Joe Baze 6/1958
Freshwater Drum 46lbs 0oz Spirit Lake  R.F. Farra 10/1962
Goldeye 2lbs 4oz Des Moines River  Mark Ikle 6/1992
Grass Carp 61lbs 8oz Greenfield Lake  Tyler Warner 5/1998
Green Sunfish 2lbs 1oz private pond  Ralph Mayer 7/2000
Largemouth Bass 10lbs 14oz Lake Fisher  Patricia Zaerr 5/1984
Longnose Gar 17lbs 8oz Mississippi River  Kevin Riley 9/1992
Muskellunge 50lbs 6oz Spirit Lake  Kevin Cardwell 8/2000
Northern Pike 25lbs 5oz West Okoboji Lake  Allen Forsberg 2/1977
Paddlefish 107lbs 0oz Missouri River  Robert Pranschke 3/1981
Rainbow Trout 19lbs 8oz French Creek  Jack Renner 7/1984
Rock Bass 1lbs 8oz Mississippi River  Jim Driscoll 6/1973
Sauger 6lbs 8oz Missouri River  Mrs. W. Buser 10/1976
Saugeye 12lbs 4oz Des Moines River  Don Ostergaard 3/2000
Shortnose Gar 5lbs 8oz Red Rock Lake Albert Augustin 5/2008
Shovelnose Sturgeon 12lbs 0oz Des Moines River  Randy Hemm 4/1974
Smallmouth Bass 7lbs 12oz West Okoboji Lake  Rick Gray 9/1990
Striped Bass 9lbs 4oz Lake Rathbun  Richard Pauley 7/1983
Sucker 15lbs 1oz Missouri River  Glen E. Dittman 9/1983
Tiger Muskellunge 27lbs 2oz West Okoboji Lake  Shannon Green 8/1989
Walleye 14lbs 8oz Des Moines River  Gloria Eoriatti 9/1986
White Bass 3lbs 14oz West Okoboji Lake  Bill Born 5/1972
Wiper (Whiterock) Bass 18lbs 15oz Des Moines River  Don Ostergaard 9/1997
Yellow Bass 1lbs 9oz Lake Manawa  Bill Campbell 4/1991
Yellow Bass 1lbs 9oz Lake Anita  Michael Gradick 5/2000
Yellow Perch 2lbs 3oz Morse Lake  Daniel Borchardt 3/1994


Iowa Fish and Game Website


Who Needs a Fishing License in Iowa?  

All anglers 16 years and older must have a fishing license to fish Iowa waters. Yearly, seven-day, or 24-hour licenses are available. Licenses are sold at several locations including Dahls, Hy-Vee, Kmart, Wal-Mart, the county recorder, bait and tackle shops, banks, sporting goods stores, or online. Call 1-800-367-1188 to purchase a license 24 hours a day. License fees and an excise on fishing equipment fund stocking, shoreline and fish habitat improvement, construction and repair of fish jetties, fish surveys, and angler education programs.

Fishing Regulations  

There are limits on the size and/or number of fish you can catch at one time for some species. A more complete description of laws is in the Iowa Fishing Regulations, available where you buy a license and Department of Natural Resources offices. They also are available online.

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