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Kentucky Fishing Records






Bighead Carp 43lbs 0oz Green River  Onis W. Davis 7/20/2000
Blue Catfish 104lbs 0oz Ohio River Bruce W. Midkiff 8/28/1999
Blue Sucker 8lbs 0oz Ohio River Stacy L. Boik 11/22/2009
Bluegill Sunfish 4lbs 3oz Strip mine lake Phil Conyers 8/5/1980
Bowfin 15lbs 1.28oz Green River  Norman Moran 5/30/1999
Brook Trout 1lbs 5oz Martins Fork  R. James 8/21/1982
Brown Trout 21lbs 0oz Cumberland River Thomas Malone 4/30/2000
Bullhead 5lbs 3oz Guist Creek Lake  Harry Case 10/18/1992
Carp 54lbs 14oz S. Fork Licking River  Ricky Vance 3/13/1971
Chain Pickerel 5lbs 6oz Forked Lake  Tommy Thompson 7/8/1983
Channel Catfish 28lbs 4.8oz private pond  Hope Tinsley 5/29/1994
Crappie 4lbs 14oz Watershed Lake Penny Hopper 5/8/2005

Flathead Catfish 97lbs 0oz Green River  Esker Carroll 6/6/1956
Freshwater Drum 38lbs 0oz Green River  Larry Cardwell 6/5/1980
Golden Redhorse 4lbs 5oz Red River  Leif Meadows 4/22/1998
Goldeye 2lbs 6.4oz Kentucky River  Mark Smith 4/21/2001
Grass Carp 58lbs 8oz Forest Lawn Lake Robert Marsh 6/17/2009
Grass Pickerel 0lbs 10.08oz Wilson Creek  Gerald Gallagher 7/17/1989
Green Sunfish 1lbs 5oz private pond  Raymond Peyton 6/13/2000
Hybrid Bass 20lbs 8oz Barren River  Mark Wilson 4/27/1991
Lake Trout 5lbs 5oz Cumberland River  John McDonogh 4/4/1983
Largemouth Bass 13lbs 10.4oz Wood Creek Lake  Dale Wilson 4/14/1984
Longear Sunfish 13lbs 4.48oz Strip mine lake Anthony Lynch 6/23/1994
Longnose Gar 40lbs 0oz Ohio River  Kelsie Travis Jr. 8/8/1956
Muskellunge 44lbs 6.08oz Cave Run Lake  Scott A. Flatt 5/9/1998
Northern Pike 9lbs 8oz strip mine lake Howard F. Renfro 10/15/1981
Paddlefish 82lbs 0oz Parrish Lake  Standley Shelton 6/12/1982
Rainbow Trout 14lbs 6oz Cumberland River Jim Mattingly 9/10/1972
Redbreast Sunfish 0lbs 14.08oz Marsh Creek  Tim King 9/1/1997
Redear Sunfish 3lbs 1oz private pond  Betty Truax 5/24/1982
River Redhorse 7lbs 13oz North Fork Kentucky River  Darrell W. Sparkman 3/10/2000
Rock Bass 1lbs 10oz Casey Creek  H.S. White 5/26/1975
Sauger 7lbs 7oz Lake Cumberland  Rastie Andrew 4/28/1983
Saugeye 6lbs 9.28oz Ohio River  Chuck Kouns 2/19/1998
Skipjack Herring 2lbs 13oz Cumberland River  Greg Cary 5/19/2001
Smallmouth Bass 8lbs 7.36oz Laurel River Lake  Coolie Williams 5/16/1998
Smallmouth Buffalo 55lbs 0oz Kentucky Lake  Clinton Roby 3/23/2000
Spotted Bass 7lbs 10oz N/A A.E. Sellers 6/13/1970
Striped Bass 58lbs 4oz Beaver Creek  Roger Foster 12/11/1985
Sturgeon 36lbs 8oz Lake Cumberland  Barney Frazier 10/3/1954
Tiger Muskellunge 13lbs 12oz Dewey Lake  James Mollet 5/5/1981
Walleye 21lbs 8oz Lake Cumberland  Abe Black 10/1/1958
Warmouth 1lbs 6.2oz Farm Pond Jon Hoover 7/21/2003
White Bass 5lbs 0oz Kentucky Lake  Lorne E. Dawson 7/11/1943
White Bass 5lbs 0oz Herrington Lake  B.B. Hardin 6/3/1957
White Sucker 1lbs 10oz Slate Creek  Larry S. Salchli 3/19/1998
Yellow Bass 1lbs 6.4oz Cumberland River William Hinton 3/19/2009
Yellow Perch 1lbs 0.72oz Kentucky Lake  Greg Barker 4/4/2000


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