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Home > Louisiana Fishing Records - Fresh and Salt Water

Louisiana Fishing Records - Fresh and Salt Water






African Pompano 36lbs 6oz N/A  N/A 7/1980
Amberjack 139lbs 0oz South Timbalier Blk.300 Bill Weldon 4/2009
Atlantic Croaker 8lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 8/1972
Atlantic Spadefish 10lbs 8oz N/A  N/A 9/1989
Blackfin Tuna 34lbs 6oz N/A  N/A 5/1989
Blackjack 21lbs 8oz N/A  N/A 7/1982
Blue Marlin 1018lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 7/1977
Bluefin Tuna 1152lbs 0oz 30 miles S of South Pass Ron Roland 5/2003
Bluefish 21lbs 2oz N/A  N/A 7/1982
Bonito 29lbs 2oz N/A  N/A 7/1974
Bowfin 20lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 6/1998
Bream 2lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 9/1959
Broadbill Swordfish 310lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 7/1980

Catfish 98lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 9/1987
Chain Pickerel 5lbs 2oz N/A  N/A 5/1977
Cobia 105lbs 8oz N/A  N/A 5/1980
Common Carp 35lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 4/1981
Crappie 6lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 11/1969
Crevalle Jack 54lbs 6oz N/A  N/A 8/1982
Cubera Snapper 121lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 7/1982
Dolphin 71lbs 6oz N/A  N/A 6/1976
Drum 25lbs 0oz False River Stephen Morgan 4/2005
Florida Pompano 8lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 12/1969
Flounder 12lbs 3oz N/A  N/A 2/1969
Great Barracuda 50lbs 0oz Gulf of Mexico A.C. Mills 8/1970
Grey Snapper 10lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 9/1993
Grouper 125lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 7/1991
Horse Eye Jackfish 22lbs 8oz N/A  N/A 7/1982
Hybrid Bass 15lbs 3oz N/A  N/A 5/1992
King Mackerel 82lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 12/1980
Largemouth Bass 15lbs 14oz N/A  N/A 2/1994
Longbill Spearfish 78lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 7/1964
Rainbow Runner 26lbs 0oz Devilís Tower Platform Bryce Cook 4/2008
Red Drum 61lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 6/1992
Red Snapper 50lbs 25oz South Timbalier Blk. 185 Capt. Doc Kennedy 6/1996
Redfin Pickerel 1lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 11/1996
Sailfish 96lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 10/1953
Sea Trout 12lbs 10oz N/A  N/A 5/1950
Shark 412lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 7/1980
Sheepshead 21lbs 6oz N/A  N/A 4/1982
Skipjack Tuna 31lbs 0oz Green Canyon Blks. Terry Hunter 7/2007
Spanish Mackerel 10lbs 14oz N/A  N/A 8/1972
Spotted Bass 4lbs 2oz N/A  N/A 9/1976
Striped Bass 47lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 9/1991
Tarpon 230lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 8/1993
Triggerfish 9lbs 10oz N/A  N/A 5/1993
Tripletail 39lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 7/1959
Wahoo 139lbs 6oz N/A  N/A 4/1976
Warmouth 2lbs 3oz N/A  N/A 7/1987
White Bass 4lbs 0oz Bayou Dorcheat Benjamin Miller 2/2009
White Marlin 134lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 7/1976
White Sea Trout 11lbs 0oz N/A  N/A 9/1973
Yellowfin Tuna 221lbs 13oz N/A  N/A 6/1982


Louisiana Fish and Game Website
Louisiana Fishing Licenses

Persons taking fish, whether recreationally or commercially, and persons involved in the fish industry, including wholesale/retail dealers and transporters, and vessels involved in the fish industry must be licensed. All recreational licenses are valid from the date of purchase and expire on June 30 each year. In addition to other bona fide residency requirements, a Louisiana Driver's License or Louisiana ID Card issued by the Department of Public Safety is required to purchase resident recreational hunting and fishing licenses.
Title 56, Section 302.1.C.(1) requires that all recreational anglers fishing south of the ?saltwater line? for saltwater species have in their possession a Louisiana saltwater angler's license IN ADDITION TO a basic Louisiana fishing license EXCEPT those persons otherwise exempted. All regulations apply regardless of where the fish is taken.

A recreational fisherman must purchase and have in possession a valid basic recreational fishing license to possess fish in Louisiana waters or to use the following:

1. Bow and arrow

2. A barbed or barbless spear

3. Frog gig/catcher

4. Scuba Gear

5. Hook & line (trot line)

6. Cast net with a radius not to exceed 8 ft. 6 in.

7. Rod and reel

Persons who obtain resident licenses when not complying with the bona fide residency requirements as stated in the definition section will be subject to criminal and/or civil sanctions.

For more information on recreational licenses and fees, click here.


All commercial licenses expire on December 31 each year, unless otherwise noted.
For more information on commercial license fees,
click here


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