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Maine Fishing Records - Fresh Water






Atlantic Salmon 28lbs 1oz Undisclosed Howard Clifford 10/9/1980
Black Crappie 3lbs 4oz Sibley Pond Wayne S. Morey Sr. 9/12/1986
Blueback Trout 4lbs 4oz Basin Pond Merton Wyman 1958
Brook Trout 9lbs 0oz Square Pond Mark Collins 5/15/1997
Brown Trout 23lbs 5oz Square Pond Robert Hodson 3/6/1996
Chain Pickerel 6lbs 8oz Androscoggin Lake Joseph Arsenault 2/11/1992
Cusk 33lbs 4oz Perkins Cove Kenton Geer 10/11/2002
Fallfish 3lbs 12oz Sibley Pond Wayne S. Morey 9/12/1986

Lake Trout 31lbs 8oz Beech Hill Pond Hollis Grindle 1958
Landlocked Salmon 22lbs 8oz Sebago Lake Edward Balkely 1907
Largemouth Bass 11lbs 10oz Moose Pond Robert Kamp 1968
Muskellunge 26lbs 8oz Glazier Lake Allen Dufour 3/22/2001
Northern Pike 31lbs 2oz North Pond Lance Bolduc 3/1998
Smallmouth Bass 8lbs 0oz Thompson Lake George Dyer 1970
Splake 10lbs 3oz Mount Vernon Daniel R. Paquette 5/8/1993
Sunapee Trout 4lbs 10oz Lower South Branch Pond Wayne Dillon 6/1989
White Perch 4lbs 10oz Messalonskee Mrs. Earl Small 1959
Whitefish 7lbs 8oz Sebago Lake Neil Sullivan 1958
Yellow Perch 1lbs 10oz Worthley Pond Chad Mostats 8/1989


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Maine Fishing Licenses
A person is required to obtain a valid fishing license prior to fishing in inland waters or transporting fish taken from inland waters. A person is required to keep his/her fishing license with him/her at all times while fishing or transporting fish and must exhibit their license for inspection by any warden, department employee, guide or landowner upon request.

Possession of fishing tackle in the fields or forest or on the waters or ice of this State without a fishing license is prima facie evidence of fishing in violation of the law.

When obtaining a resident license, it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit proof of residency.

Maine residents under 16 years or age and nonresidents under 12 years of age may fish without a license.

Maine residents (and immediate family members who live with that person ) may fish without a license from their own land if that person owns more than 10 acres of land, lives on that particular piece of land, and the land is used exclusively for agricultural purposes.

In-patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital at Togus may fish without a license within 25 miles of Togus (Note: Patients not under immediate supervision of a hospital representative must have a valid hospital pass while fishing.)
Fishing License Fees

Resident Fishing Licenses (Prices listed below do not include the agent fee.)
Superpack (16 & older) - $200.00
Combination Fishing/Archery (16 & older) - $42.00
Combination Hunting & Fishing (16 & older) - $42.00

Resident Fishing (16 and older) - $25.00
1-Day (24 hour) Fishing (16 & older) - $11.00
Serviceman (resident) Fishing and Hunting (16 & older) - $3.00
Serviceman Dependent Hunting (16 & older) - $10.00
Serviceman Dependent Fishing and Hunting (16 & older) - $20.00
Serviceman -
Complimentary Military

Supersport - $20.00
Duplicate License - $2.00

Nonresident and Alien Fishing Licenses (Prices listed below do not include the agent fee.)

Combination Hunting & Fishing (16 & older) - $149.00
Nonresident Season Fishing (16 and older) - $64.00
15-Day Fishing (16 & older) - $47.00
7-Day Fishing (16 & older) - $43.00
3-Day (72-hour) Fishing (16 & older) - $23.00
1-Day (24 hour) Fishing (16 & older) - $11.00
Junior Fishing (12-15 years) - $16.00

Alien Combination Fishing and Hunting (16 & older) - $190.00
Alien Season Fishing (16 & older) - $84.00

Supersport - $20.00
Duplicate License - $2.00

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