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Maryland Fishing Records - Fresh and Salt Water






Albacore Tuna 74lbs Baltimore Canyon Victor Gardner II 7/17/2005
Atlantic Spadefish 10lbs 0oz Chespeake Bay Charlie Barron 7/15/2007
Bigeye Tuna 375lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean  Cecil Browne 8/26/1977
Black Drum 103lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean  Robert Messik Jr. 9/23/1973
Black Sea Bass 8lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Hayward Madison 1978
Blackfin Tuna 32lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Bob Zang 9/20/1998
Blacktip Shark 193lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Brian Zysk 8/4/1991
Blue Catfish 67lbs 10oz Potomac Ronald Lewis 3/23/2008
Blue Marlin 942lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Jim Daniel 8/9/1989
Blue Shark 280lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Martin Waltman 9/13/1997
Bluefin Tuna 625lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  James Daniels IV 8/30/1975
Bluefish 23lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean  Lillian Morris 10/30/1974
Bluegill Sunfish 3lbs 7oz Deep Creek Lake  Sarah Brenneman 8/9/1998
Brook Trout 6lbs 1.75oz Potomac River Mike Fiorita Jr. 4/10/1999
Brown Trout 18lbs 3oz  Potomac River Gary Kuhn 8/3/2001

Carp 47lbs 8oz private pond  Wayne Longenecker 6/11/1997
Chain Pickerel 7lbs 4oz Johnson Pond  Roy Molick Sr. 11/27/1976
Channel Catfish 27lbs 92oz Upper Potomac River Steven Trent Abell 7/5/2004
Crappie 4lbs  Dundee Creek Sid Stollings 3/30/2007
Cutthroat Trout 7lbs 9oz North Branch Potomac River David G. Martin 5/20/2000
Dogfish Shark 15lbs 5oz Atlantic Ocean  Gregg Bacchien 5/22/1993
Dolphin 67lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean  Kim Lawson 7/21/1985
Dusky Shark 469lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Jim Liberto 7/1/1982
False Albacore 22lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Kevin Sheckells 6/25/1995
Great White Shark 467lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Jack Holmes 6/11/1992
Hammerhead Shark 165lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Gary King 8/5/1993
Hickory Shad 4lbs 0oz Susquehanna River  John Schaeffer Jr. 7/23/1971
King Mackerel 2lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean Grace Walker 10/1/1975
King Mackerel 47lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Gerald Kauffman 10/18/1985
Largemouth Bass 11lbs 2oz private pond  Rodney Cockrell 10/4/1983
Mako Shark 876lbs 0oz Poormans Canyon Jim Hughes 6/20/2009
Northern Pike 24lbs 12oz Deep Creek Lake  Shawn Jacobsen 10/16/1999
Porgy 6lbs 3oz Atlantic Ocean  Pearl Hopple 7/4/1966
Rainbow Trout 14lbs 3oz Savage River Reservoir  Dave Schroyer 10/21/1987
Redear Sunfish 2lbs 5oz Gilbert Run  Vittie Alkocius 6/4/1985
Rock Bass 1lbs 4.1oz Thurmont Farm Pond Earl Jenkins III 4/20/2009
Sand Tiger Shark 334lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Billy Leidner 9/8/1983
Sandbar  Shark 235lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Mark Sampson 7/8/1983
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark 194lbs 0oz Poorman's Canyon Gregory S. Garman 6/19/2004
Sheepshead 6lbs 5.92oz Middle Grounds Tom Horan 9/25/1999
Smallmouth Bass 8lbs 4oz Liberty Reservoir  Gary Peters 10/4/1974
Spiny Dogfish Shark 11lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean  Meyels Sampson 5/17/1993
Striped Bass 47lbs 2oz Liberty Reservoir Robert Bruce 9/14/2000
Tautog 19lbs 8oz Atlantic Ocean  Noah King 5/10/1980
Thresher Shark 642lbs 0oz The Fingers Brent Applegit 6/19/2009
Tiger Muskellunge 29lbs 4.75oz Potomac River Kevin Conner 2/14/1997
Tiger Shark 1210lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean Grace Czerniak 7/9/1983
Wahoo 111lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean  Christian Tiller 10/8/2003
Walleye 14lbs 4oz Jennings Randolph Reservoir  John McCarley 5/16/1998
Weakfish 16lbs 8oz Nanticoke River  Wayne Lappe 5/8/1979
White Marlin 135lbs 0oz Atlantic Ocean George Pierson 8/29/1980
White Perch 1lbs 7oz Gunpowder River Daniel Wells 4/16/2003
White Shad 8lbs 2oz Wicomico River  Vance Carter 5/3/1975
Yellow Perch 2lbs 6.75oz Deep Creek Lake  Kevin Gladhill 3/13/2003


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