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Michigan Fishing Records including the Great Lakes






American Eel 7lbs 7.04oz Saint Clair Lake  Chad Markham 1990
Atlantic Salmon 32lbs 9.92oz Lake Michigan  Elaine Bender 1981
Black Buffalo 33lbs  Grand River  Bradley Nietering 2004
Black Bullhead 3lbs 7.04oz Magician Lake  Louie Keller 1999
Black Crappie 4lbs 1.92oz Lincoln Lake  Frank Lee 1947
Bluegill Sunfish 2lbs 12oz Vaughn Lake  Gary Saylor 1983
Bowfin 14lbs 0oz Little Crooked Lake  Michael Miller 1981
Brook Trout 9lbs 8oz Clear Lake  Dennis Nevins 1996
Brown Bullhead 3lbs 9.92oz Coldbrook Lake  Michael Kent 1989
Brown Trout 34lbs 9.92oz Lake Michigan  Larry E. Curtis 2000
Burbot 18lbs 4oz Saint Marys River   Thomas

Carp 61lbs 8oz Big Wolf Lake  Dale France 1974
Carpsucker 8lbs 0oz Stony Lake  Kevin V. Zoulek 2000
Channel Catfish 40lbs 0oz Houghton Lake  Richard French 1964
Channel Catfish 40lbs 0oz Houghton Lake  Dick Latarski 1960
Chinook  Salmon 46lbs 0.96oz Grand River  Ray Essex 1978
Coho Salmon 30lbs 8.96oz Platte River  Paul Lewandowski 1976
Flathead Catfish 47lbs 8oz Maple River  Elmer Rayner 1943
Freshwater Drum 26lbs 0oz Muskegon Lake  James Black 1973
Gizzard Shad 4lbs 1.92oz Saint Clair Lake  Gary Bielecki 1996
Green Sunfish 1lbs 8.48oz Kirkwood Lake  Julius R. Drotos 1990
Hogsucker 2lbs 8.64oz Saint Joseph River  Allen Shembarger 1994
Hybrid Bass 10lbs 12oz Kalamazoo River  Jeff Van Broklin 1996
Hybrid Sunfish 1lbs 7.04oz Arbutus Lake  James Manville 1988
Hybrid Sunfish 1lbs 7.04oz Doans Lake  Lloyd T. Jarman Jr. 1991
Kokanee Salmon 1lbs 15.04oz Clinton River  John Reiland 1978
Lake Herring 5lbs 6.4oz Lake Michigan E. Grand Traverse Bay Robert E. Rogers 1992
Lake Sturgeon 193lbs 0oz Mullett Lake  Joe Maka Jr. 1974
Lake Trout 61lbs 8oz Lake Superior  Lucas Lanczy 1997
Lake Whitefish 14lbs 4.48oz Lake Superior  Robert Majurin Jr. 1993
Largemouth Bass 11lbs 15.04oz Big Pine Island Lake  William Maloney 1934
Largemouth Bass 11lbs 15.04oz Bamfield Dam  Jack Rorex 1959
Longnose Gar 18lbs 0oz Williamsville Lake  Dennis Promo 1995
Longnose Sucker 6lbs 14.08oz Saint Joseph River  David Rose 1986
Menominee (Round) Whitefish 4lbs 0.96oz Lake Michigan  Kenneth E. Bilski 1992
Mooneye 1lbs 11.04oz Saint Clair Lake  Robert J. Commire 1995
Muskellunge 48lbs 0oz Skegemog Lake  Charles Edgecomb 1984
Northern Muskellunge 49lbs 12oz Thornapple Lake  John Geml 2000
Northern Pike 39lbs 0oz Dodge Lake  Larry Clough 1961
Pink Salmon 8lbs 8.96oz Carp River  Ron Karasek 1987
Pumpkinseed Sunfish 1lbs  Baw Beese Lake Robert Houser 2004
Rainbow Trout 26lbs 8oz Lake Michigan  Mark Johnson 1975
Redear Sunfish 1lbs  Thompson Lake  Richard Albert 2002
Redhorse 12lbs 14.24oz Muskegon River  Mike Polega 1991
Rock Bass 3lbs 9.92oz Holoway Reservoir  Edward Arnold 1965
Sauger 6lbs 8.96oz Torch Lake  Gary Frederick 1976
Smallmouth Bass 9lbs 4oz Long Lake  W.F. Shoemaker 1906
Splake 17lbs  Lake Michigan  John Brockway 2004
Tiger Muskellunge 51lbs 0oz Lac Vieux Desert  John Knobla 1919
Tiger Trout 9lbs 4oz N. Branch Manistee River  Francis Putnam 1975
Walleye 17lbs 3.04oz Pine River  Ray Fadely 1951
Warmouth 1lbs 6.08oz Great Bear Lake  Michael Berg 0
White Bass 6lbs 11.84oz Huron Lake  David Kraushaar 1989
White Crappie 3lbs 6.24oz Stony Creek Metro Park Terrance Poirier 2000
White Perch 1lbs  Lake Huron Kyle Ryan 2002
White Sucker 7lbs 3.04oz Au Sable River  Matt Frampton 1982
Yellow Bullhead 3lbs 6oz Lake Sixteen Gary Charles Fox 2003
Yellow Perch 3lbs 12oz Independence Lake  George Slutter 1947


Michigan Fish and Game Website

Michigan Angler Rights On Public Streams
On fenced or posted property or farm property, a fisherman wading or floating a navigable public stream may, without written or oral consent, enter upon property within the clearly defined banks of the stream or, without damaging farm products, walk a route as closely proximate to the clearly defined bank as possible when necessary to avoid a natural or artificial hazard or obstruction, including, but not limited to, a dam, deep hole, or a fence or other exercise of ownership by the riparian owner.

Lawful Fishing Methods

Bait: See updated VHS information. Any fish (except lampreys, live carp, and goldfish) and frogs may be used as bait when legally taken and possessed. Wigglers (mayfly nymphs) and other aquatic nymphs and larvae also may be used for bait, but may not be taken from any trout stream except for personal use on the same stream. Crayfish may be taken for bait for personal use. See special exceptions on Michigan-Wisconsin Boundary Waters.

Bow Fishing:
Bows may be used on certain waters for certain species. See
Table 6.

Dip Nets:
Dip nets may be used for bowfin, carp, gar, smelt, and suckers in non-trout streams. A permit is required from a DNR office if equipment is to be left overnight. See
Table 5, Netting.

Having a weight suspended below a hook that is tied directly to the main fishing line. This gear may be used on inland lakes, Great Lakes, and Great Lakes connecting waters only. This gear may not be used on rivers, streams, or drowned river mouths (
see Note 3, for listing).

Gaffs may be used to help land lawfully hooked fish on all waters except on a trout stream.

Gear Restrictions:
On all streams (including tributaries to the Great Lakes) from August 1 through May 31, it shall be unlawful to use multi-pointed hooks exceeding 3/8 inch between point and shank and/or single-pointed hooks exceeding 1/2 inch between point and shank. Also on all streams during this period it shall be unlawful to use lures exceeding one ounce. The Detroit R., St. Clair R. and St. Marys R. are exempt from these restrictions.

Hand Nets:
Hand nets may be used to help land lawfully hooked fish. During April, May, and June, hand nets larger than 5 1/2 feet in circumference or having a handle exceeding 14 inches in length may not be used or possessed on designated trout streams except as provided in
Table 5. Hand nets may also be used to take bowfin, carp, gar, smelt, and suckers. See Table 5, General Netting Regulations.

Hook and Line Fishing:
Fish so taken must be hooked in the mouth. Fish not hooked in the mouth must be returned to the water immediately. No more than three lines per person (including tip-ups) nor more than six hooks or lures may be used. All hooks attached to an artificial bait or "night crawler harness" are counted as one hook. Hooks must be baited or attached to an artificial bait. You may use any number of hooks on one line for taking smelt in recognized smelt waters. Tip-ups and similar devices used for ice fishing must show the angler's name and address. All lines must be under immediate control. Hook size regulations exist on certain streams (see
Exceptions to General Regulations by County).

Hoop Nets:
May be used for burbot only on certain waters Dec. 15 - last day of February. Permit needed from a DNR office (see
Table 5).

Minnows For Personal Use:
updated VHS information. Minnows for personal use only may be taken with hook and line, seines, dip nets, and traps with a valid fishing license. In trout streams minnows may only be taken during the open season for trout by hook and line or minnow traps. Minnows may not be taken from Big Glen L., Hatlem Cr. (Leelanau Co.), Portage L., Torch L., the North and South Portage Canal (Houghton Co.), in that portion of L. Superior west of Big Bay Point or any of their tributaries for 1/2 mile above their mouths. Gear restrictions are as follows: Seines must not be over 12 feet by 4 feet; hand nets not over 8 feet square and without sides or walls; and minnow traps not over 24 inches long. Minnow traps must bear user's name and address. Cast nets (not exceeding 8 feet in diameter without walls or sides) may be used to take minnows, alewife, smelt, and shad in the Great Lakes, L. St. Clair, and the Detroit R., St. Clair R., and St. Marys R.

Hand, rubber, or spring-propelled spears may be used for certain species. See
Table 6.

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