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When card sharks catch the thrill of fishing

Poker players engage in recreational fishing to relax and enjoy the wild    

The poker off-season offers professional players with a much-needed opportunity to sit back and unwind in the majestic American outdoors. Indeed, many poker players find the outdoors as a place where they can relax their minds and enjoy the numerous activities that are done in the wild. And among these outdoor activities, recreational fishing is one leisurely pursuit that the likes of Kara Scott and Tyson Marks are experts of. 

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Many card sharks reap tons of benefits from recreational fishing that help them play and wage great on the felt-layered poker table. The deep seas and, most especially, the rivers and lakes offer poker players a place to relax and meditate. This makes sense in poker since in any strategy-propelled sport; the mind is anyone’s greatest asset to win the game. In addition, attaining a peace of mind through fishing also gives poker pros time to strengthen their patience and fortitude, which is equally crucial in making effective decisions and moves during competitions. It is, therefore, ironic that a person who doesn't know how to play or is new to the card game (from reading to bluffing opponents) is called a ‘fish,’ while an unethical game play used to gain advantage over another player is called ‘angling.’
While the two are the most despised word in poker rooms around the world, card sharks Kara Scott and Tyson Marks surely love to use their angles and catch fishes during their time off competitive poker. Scott has prevailed in many international tournaments such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) events and the partypoker.com Women’s World Open, all while fulfilling her duties as a sideline reporter for the World Poker Tour (WPT). Despite her hectic schedule, Scott still manages to dedicate part of her WPT trips overseas for offshore fishing expeditions, most recently in Venice and Barcelona.


Tyson Marks, another household name in poker, is also a self-confessed fishing enthusiast. He previously dominated the WPT’s Los Angeles Poker Classic, where he won a record three times, as well as events in the WSOP that cumulatively earned him $335,000. While he never gets tired of playing his most favorite card game, he still spends his spare time going back to his hometown of Missoula, Montana to enjoy the outdoors and fish in its serene lakes. “I really love spending most of my free time just enjoying Missoula. I go fishing here in the summer/fall,” Marks said in an interview with "How To Play Poker" author Simon Young.


Many card sharks turn to recreational fishing to unwind their weary minds and find solace amidst the beautiful backdrop of the outdoors. In many ways, fishing offers an alternative exercise to poker pros by relaxing their minds while realizing the mission of a good catch. For Kara Scott, Tyson Marks and others who share the passion of fishing in the lakes or the deep seas, nothing replaces the thrill and pleasure of going to the outdoors and communing with nature.

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